32 people went missing from the Grand Hotel on May 10, 1953.

Is the famous Urban Legend of Hotel 33 fact or fiction? But before we get into that, I think it's important to look at why anyone would even care in the first place.

Why are people still talking about this event decades later?


Why do people like to be scared by a good ghost story?

THE REASON- The hormonal reaction humans get from responding to a threat or crisis is what motivates us to "want to be scared". This is the same "fight or flight" mechanism which guaranteed our survival in more primitive times. At the moment we are threatened, we have increased strength, power, heightened senses and intuition. This increase in mental and physical capacity is commonly referred as an "adrenaline rush." It is named after the primary hormone involved. Basically, you can get this feeling defending yourself against a lion in the jungle or sitting in a theater showing a horror flick. We, as humans, appear to be "hard-wired" to be drawn to this feeling. It is older than we are as a species, and is tied to our survival; without it, we would have perished and died out long ago. These pastimes give us the chance to have our evolutionary "cake and eat it, too." Leaving the theater, or turning off the VCR after we have been thoroughly terrified by a film director's imagery, we connect - just a bit- with our ancestors who had to overcome nature's savagery. We - like they- get to feel victorious, triumphant, and, perhaps, most importantly, sorely tested. It is a feeling as old as mankind itself.


Claim: 32 people disappeared out of The Grand Hotel in Williamsport, Pennsylvania on May 10, 1953. Status: True Origin: "Personally, I believe that supernatural events occurred on that day in May and 32 people disappeared. I have little to no doubt about this because I have been up to that hotel and have experienced an evil presence. I was also there on the night that Detective Kaminsky died while interrogating Troy Belger and I could feel it in my bones that that young boy was possessed and filled with evil. And I know he killed my friend." Source: Detective James McCarthy- Williamsport Police Department
July 24, 2001 Claim: 32 people disappeared out of The Grand Hotel in Williamsport, Pennsylvania on May 10, 1953. Status: False Origin: There is no debate.

The whole thing is FALSE. It was a hoax that was created years ago as an innocent haunted house urban legend to scare kids. I grew up in Williamsport where everyone knew it was an innocent ghost story. Source: Trevor Michaels- Williamsport, Pennsylvania Resident You be the judge...

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