These were the top theories submitted to the site regarding "What happened to the 32?" by the general public.

1) Indian Burial Ground:
It's common knowledge in Pennsylvania that Grand Hotel was built over burial grounds. If you ask me, it's more shocking that people are "surprised" this kind of thing happened than being surprised it didn't. I have heard countless tales from varying credible sources, and I must say, it is of no surprise to me. I am curious to learn more about this legend, and I think it's important the whole mystery not get swept under the rug by skeptics. Who's to say something like this won't happen again? It's not as absurd as it may sound; it very well could.

2) Never Happened:
This incident never really happened. Seriously? I've never heard of this.

3) Gates of Hell:
I have heard about the urban legend of "Hotel 33." I'm not a conspiracy theorist, but for that many people to be checked into a hotel and then missing the next day obviously seems quite suspicious. I did a little research on my own and have found that the hotel could have been built over one of the gates of hell! There is countless information out there about all of the gates of hell being on the east coast of the US. I am beyond concerned and curious to see what, if any, these facts may lead to. Think about the countless families who still have no answers as to the happenings of their loved ones. My heart sincerely goes out to them and their descendants.

4) Supernatural Powers at Work:
Too many people downplay the power of the supernatural. I remember hearing about the 32 missing persons at Grand Hotel. Literally, they checked in and never checked out. Imagine if something like that were to happen to today? There would be outrage to find out what really happened, but it obviously in the 50's, everyone kept it on the hush Maybe they got sucked into the hotel by a pack of angry ghosts?

5) Abducted by Aliens:
Let's face it, aliens do exist and they' re pissed off. It's quite plausible that aliens came down from their planet, landed in Williamsport and abducted 32 innocent people that they are used for cruel experiments in order to examine human existence. They are then going to use this information to conquer the earth.

6) Witch Hunt:
I have an aunt who is Wiccan. She has actually visited the boarded hotel twice. She told me that she felt the energy of witches around the hotel from women that were killed during the witch trials. She has since passed away, but she never went “missing.” My aunt was a very sincere and reliable woman that I trust whole-heartedly.

7) Mass Murderer:
I think some crazed lunatic killed them all and buried their bodies, never to be found again. I mean no disrespect towards the people who lost their loved ones, but sometimes, tragic things happen. There have been several insane psychopaths to walk this earth: Bundy, Dahmer, Manson to name a few that have claimed hundred's of helpless victims lives. 32 would be a walk in the park for some of these guys.

8) Religious Cult:
Some idiot cult leader probably lured these weak and trusting people and then convinced them to "drink the Kool-aid" so they can go to a better place and meet their maker. The cult leader then took off with all their money and moved to Ecuador to do it all over again.

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